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Sparkle Stitch Card Design CD No 2
Sparkle Stitch Card Design CD No 2

This CD features Pdf's and JPEG's of 12 Sparkle Stitch Designs, plus a bonus design.  All 13 designs are on the disc in A6 and A5 size.  The JPEGS on the disc are easy to resize, allowing you to print paper embroidery templates in a size to suit the project you are doing.

Designs on this CD;

501 Star,

502 Christmas Bell,

503 Christmas Angel,

504 Christmas Stocking,

601 Tulip,

602 Rose,

603 Hibiscus,

604 Bluebell,

701 Wedding Cake,

702 Horseshoes,

703 Doves,

704 Wedding Bells.

Total Price: £7.50

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