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Hobbydots Sticker Sheets Shiny Details
Hobbydots Sticker Sheets Shiny Details
Hobbydots Sticker Sheets Shiny Details

These sheets of peel off Hobbydots stickers are used for many designs from both the Hobbydols booklets and the Hobbydots sets, or you can design your own patterns and embellish your own creations.

Shiny details are transparent glitter lines and dots with a gold or silver finish. Beautiful for decorating your cards. They also match well with the existing Hobbydots. In preparation for winter and Christmas, add a bit of shiny detail to all your projects. Due to their transparent core, the Shiny Details will adopt the colour of the background. Super crafty!

Available in a Gold Or Silver.


Hobbydots Sticker Colours:
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Option Price Select Qty
Silver Outline £0.85
Gold Outline £0.85
Silver Stars £0.85
Gold Stars £0.85
Silver Scallop £0.85
Gold Scallop £0.85
Silver Ovals £0.85
Gold Ovals £0.85
Silver Hearts £0.85
Gold Hearts £0.85
Silver Flowers £0.85
Gold Flowers £0.85
Silver Teardrop £0.85
Gold Teardrop £0.85
Gold Squares £0.85
Silver Squares £0.85
Gold Lines (new) £0.85
Silver Lines (new) £0.85
Gold Corners 1 £0.85
Silver Corners 1 £0.85
Gold Corners 2 £0.85
Silver Corners 2 £0.85
Point Oval Gold (New) £0.85
Point Oval Silver (New) £0.85
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