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Hobbydot Sparkle Sticker Sheets
Hobbydot Sparkle Sticker Sheets

Hobbydots Sparkles is a new series of Hobbydots stickers designed for processing (cross stitch) patterns on cards. Use the unique Sparkles patterns for the most beautiful creations. Hobbydots Sparkles are available in the same 21 colors as the previously published Hobbydots, so they can also be combined.

Available in a range of colours.

Hobbydots Sparkle Colours:
Enter the quantities of each item. When you have selected all the items you require from the list, click Add to Basket at the bottom of the page.
Option Price Select Qty
Apple (1) £0.85
Green (2) £0.85
Candy (3) £0.85
Red (4) £0.85
Ice (5) £0.85
Violet (6) £0.85
Gold (7) £0.85
Silver (8) £0.85
Purple (9) £0.85
Blue (A) £0.85
Copper (B) £0.85
Lime (C) £0.85
Turquoise (D) £0.85
Pink (F) £0.85
Brown (G) £0.85
Christmas Red (H) £0.85
Emerald (I) £0.85
Christmas Green (J) £0.85
Matt White £0.85
Matt Black £0.85
Salmon (K) £0.85
Skin (L) New £0.85
Azure Blue (M) New £0.85
Leaf Green (N) New £0.85
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